Over the last few years, the technological development of the automotive sector and production accounted for over 20,000 parts in one vehicle. USI-TOOLS supplies the essential cutting tools as well as the solutions for machining these main components.

Cylinder bloc Cylinder head Crankshaft Connecting rod Gearbox Clutch Camshaft...


The aeronautical industry is the current peak of high tech.
An engine's main components are machined components. Therefore, there is a need for efficient cutting tools.

Chassis Crown wheel Blades Turbines Diffuser Bearing Landing gear...


In recent years, USI-TOOLS has developed special tools made for the railway sector, as well as new grades of carbide and PVD coating mainly made for processing steel with a high percentage of manganese.

Rails Wheels Axes Reprofiling...


The nuclear industry is still the cornerstone of our electricity supply.
Maintaining these plants is a safety consideration. USI-TOOLS contributes to that by providing special and efficient tools.

Turbine blades Turbine assembly Rotor turbine (gas/steam) Generator rotor Heat exchange...


Wind power is a natural energy source that we can transform for our electrical needs. USI-TOOLS is contributing to a more ecological world for the future by developing special tools in this sector.

Hub Round flange Gears Drive shafts Bearing housing Components...