General conditions of sale


1.1. Our Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts entered into by USI TOOLS to the exclusion of the Contractor’s Terms and Conditions, unless expressly agreed in writing by us.

1.3. By signing the purchase order or offer, the customer confirms that he has read the general conditions which form an integral part of the contract.

1.3. Unless otherwise expressly stated, our offers are only valid for 1 month. Any inaccuracies contained in the offers, order confirmations and invoices that are due to material errors and/or errors may at any time be corrected by USI TOOLS.



2.1. Our prices are in euros and are always exclusive of VAT. Any increase in the VAT rate in the period between the order and delivery is the responsibility of the buyer. Orders are invoiced at the prices and conditions in force at the time of acceptance of the order.

2.2. Any additional services will be charged separately.



The goods are delivered within the time indicated on the order form. This period begins after receipt of the first payment and supply of all specifications on the order.

Delivery times are provided for informational purposes only and are therefore not mandatory unless expressly agreed by the parties.

Delays in performance may never give rise to compensation or termination of the contract.

Any delay in the payment of the deposit or instalments extends the time limits by that much.



4.1. The Purchaser shall receive and inspect the goods immediately. Complaints must be reported to the seller by registered letter within eight days of placement and commissioning.

4.2. The Seller shall not be liable for any problems resulting from the inappropriate and/or improper use of the Product, any problems resulting from a case of force majeure and any intentional act or fault of any person, including the Buyer or his servants.

4.3.Hidden defects may only give rise to compensation if they are detected with competent diligence and are reported by registered person not later than 4 months after entry into service.



Delivery times and turnaround times are approximate and are provided for information purposes only. Any delays in delivery and performance shall not give rise to compensation or termination of the contract.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of USI TOOLS, the delivery and performance obligations of USI TOOLS are suspended.

Any delays in delivery and performance shall not give rise to compensation or termination of the contract in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The co-contracting party must ensure that the goods can be delivered by USI TOOLS in a normal manner at the agreed place and time and, inter alia, ensure that the place of delivery is accessible. If this condition is not met, the co-contracting party shall indemnify USI TOOLS for all damages, including waiting hours.

Unless otherwise stipulated, delivery will take place from the registered office of USI TOOLS. The complete risk attached to the goods rests on the co-contracting party at the latest on the day of delivery.



Unless otherwise stated, all our invoices are payable in Euro, at the registered office of USI TOOLS within thirty days of invoice date.

In case of forfeiture, any claim relating to the invoice must be notified by registered to USI TOOLS at the latest within 15 days of receipt, failing which it will not be taken into account.

In the event of non-payment, the remaining balance due will be increased by operation of law and without formal notice of interest calculated in accordance with the law of 2 August 2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions.

Any invoice unpaid on the due date will result in the debiting, as of right and without formal notice, of a lump sum compensation calculated as follows :

  • up to 4.000 € : 10 %
  • from 4.000 € à 12.500 € : 7, 5 %
  • from 12.500 € à 25.000 € : 5 %
  • from 25.000 € à 50.000 € : 2,5 %
  • from 50.000 € : 1, 5 %

    This provision shall remain in force if we grant time limits or payment facilities.

    In case of non-payment, we also reserve the right to interrupt, without prior notification, the continuation of the work or supplies until we have obtained the payment of these invoices. This last possibility is understood without us being liable for any compensation due to the damage or delay caused and without prejudice to the right to damages on our part.

    Any delay or default of payment also renders all the invoices already sent due in full without a formal notice being necessary for this purpose and, moreover, any discount or payment facility granted will automatically lapse, for both the past and the future.

    USI TOOLS reserves the right to terminate the contract by registered mail in the event of the client’s failure to comply with its commitments, without prejudice to USI TOOLS obtaining compensation.



    In case of unilateral cancellation by the customer, the latter will be liable in addition to the reimbursement of all costs directly incurred of a lump sum compensation of 5% of the total amount of the order subject to the right in the head of USI TOOLS to prove its actual damage greater than These lump sum allowances.

    The deposits paid to USI TOOLS remain acquired by UIS TOOLS in compensation for losses.



    USI TOOLS reserves the right of ownership of the goods until the full payment of the invoices.



    f USI TOOLS' confidence in the solvency of its co-contracting party is shaken by a late payment or default, by judicial acts of execution and/or other demonstrable events that call into question and/or impair confidence in the proper performance of the obligations contracted by the co-contracting party, USI TOOLS reserves the right to demand appropriate guarantees from its co-contracting party. If the latter refuses to grant its request, USI TOOLS reserves the right to cancel the entire order or part of it, even if the goods have already been shipped in whole or in part.



    Any case of force majeure or fortuitous event frees our company from any obligation without our co-contractor being entitled to claim damages.

    If, in order to meet its obligations, our company depends for example on the supply of a third-party company, these provisions also apply to cases of force majeure or incidental events in which the fulfilment of our obligations may be delayed or hindered.

    Examples of force majeure situations include accidents, material breakage, exceptional weather conditions, fire, strike, lockout, theft and exceptional traffic jams.



    In case of dispute, the justice of the peace or the Courts of Verviers are exclusively competent.

    All costs related to legal recovery, including legal fees, will be prosecuted against the purchaser.

    Belgian law applies exclusively to all our contracts.