Specialised in the machining sector, USI-TOOLS offers a wide range of standard and special cutting tools in stock. But also, a complete range of machine tools and workshop equipment.

Founded in 1994, USI-TOOLS' mission is to offer a complete range of effective tools as well as to find the solutions to machining problems encountered by our customers, and thereby increase productivity. 

To better respond to the growing demands of its customer base, USI-TOOLS sets up in the industrial estate of the Hauts-Sarts in Herstal, Liège (BE).

Thanks to its ideal geographical location, USI-TOOLS develops its production and storage capacities.

Expansion and development of warehouse capacities, as well as our new showroom, in order to guarantee service quality that meets your needs.

The ever-growing demand for specialised tools encourages us to study and design shape tools to optimise your machining time.

Because we care about offering our clients a comprehensive service, we offer our new range of USI-TECH machines.

USI-TOOLS offers a range of tools and machine tools to its customers, as well as customised solutions in the machining and machine design sector.